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Coming up: 2017 F/W HERA Seoul Fashion Week

Coming up: 2017 F/W HERA Seoul Fashion Week


-       2017 F/W HERA Seoul Fashion Week to be held at Dongdaemoon Design Plaza

-       for 6 days from March 27 (Monday).

-       HERA Seoul Fashion Week mixed with fashion and passion

-       to provide wide variety of activities to general public. 


Dongdaemoon Design Plaza (DDP) in Seoul is going to rock with fashion and passion next week.


Seoul Design Foundation announced that 2017 F/W HERA Seoul FashionWeek will be held from coming March 27 to April 1.


Six days of Seoul Collection Fashion Show (where 46 top designer brands and companies are invited from all over the world), Generation Next Seoul (a professional trade show where some 70 renown designer brands and rising designers participate) and Mini Fashion Shows are going to unfold from coming 27th (Monday), starting with the opening fashion show in the evening.


Especially in this year, the organizers are offering Young Passion Week, a fashion-themed fashion and culture program where general public can participate, to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of DDP.


At 8 p.m., 27th (Monday), the Fashion Week will be kicked off by Korean and Japanese funk bands wearing the pieces designed by 10 CORSO COMO Seoul and 99%IS by BAJOWOO, at the Design Avenue.


Starting from the 28th (Tuesday), the Fashion Week will unfold in full gear - programs for fashion people to show off their original and real looks will be held in Eight Junction and Oullim Square, and people can also participate in Sonata Collection by Hyundai Motor Company, work with the top Korean designers.


The fashion people are invited to participate in the Young Best Dresser Awards. The candidates can sign-up to be the best dresser from 12 to 6:00 p.m. on 28th (Tuesday), and their pictures taken on-site will be reviewed for the winner selection. The winners will receive sponsor designers’ items, tickets to the Fashion Week events, etc. The grand prize winner will be featured as the cover model of a campus magazine.


At the MCM Fashion Box to be open from 12 to 8 p.m., from 28th (Tuesday) to April 1 (Saturday), the fashion people are invited to the photo studio, pose with the items provided by MCM and upload their pictures to their Instagram pages. 3 candidates who receive most ‘I like’ will be selected as the photogenics, and the best fashion person will win gifts from MCM.


There will be lots of things to watch. Fashion Film Festival will be held at the Academy Hall at every 7:30 p.m. from 29th (Wednesday) to 31st (Friday), for free showings of fashion-related movies such as Dior & I, Yves Saint Laurent and the September Issue. A passion-themed special stage of collaboration by designers from Seoul Fashion Creative Studio (under Seoul Design Foundation) and 4 teams of young musicians from Hongdae Band Scene will be held in the Design Avenue at 12 p.m., 31st (Friday).


On the last day of HERA Seoul Fashion Week, K-Designer Sample Market and a flea market will be held on the 3rd basement floor of  Design Lab. K-Designer Sample Market will feature samples from brands participating in the trade show and the second brands with affordable price tags. Models participating in fashion shows, including Jeong-jae Yoon and Seung-whan Kim, will offer their cherished goods to the flea market.


Outdoor popera concert and DJing show for the fashion people are scheduled at 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. on the Miraero Bridge, to combine youth and passion under the name of fashion and rouse finale of Seoul Fashion Week.


During the Fashion Week, Young unique handmade accessories and fashion-related traditional handicraft items will be on sale at the Young Handmade Street Market outside venues, and various fashion-related handicrafts will be presented at the Fashion Craft Market at Cafe #1 in Design Lab. An exhibit of prototype model of food truck developed by Seoul Design Foundation and food trucks in association with Seoul Bamdokkaebie Night Market are expected to brighten up the festive mood.


The fashion shows will be broadcast live through the outdoor giant screen in Oullim Square for people to enjoy and share the shows, as well as on-line and mobile streaming channels, including the official Seoul Fashion Week website, Dong-A TV, Naver V-line, etc.


Keun Lee, CEO of Seoul Design Foundation said, “you will be able to feel the passion of fashion people during the Fashion Week at DDP. They may not be in the fashion shows, but they will be expressing their originality outside the show, share the trend and participate in the events. We are seeing the age groups and professional backgrounds of participants diversifying - not only the young people, but also foreigners, families with children and so on are coming to the Fashion Week. Seoul Fashion Week is transforming a festival of fashion and culture that everyone can enjoy.” 








(Fashion Week Team 82-2-2088-3135)



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