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DDP Design Fair Together with Small Business Owners
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DDP Design Fair Together with Small Business Owners 


Everything there is to know about design for small businesses. 

Light • furniture • household items • graphics • style • handicraft 


Small business owners dreaming of increasing their sales and designers with ideas get together to create design collaboration products. There will be a business fair held for its launch. Modern people with great interest in start-ups and interior design will have the chance to meet design trend products easily.


● Gold Prize Citizen Vote : December 5, 2019 (Thursday) 10:00-17:00

● Awards Ceremony : December 6, 2019 (Friday) 17:00-19:00

● Seminar : December 6, 2019 (Friday) 14:00-17:00


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□ Small business owner-designer collaboration #1

- Small manufacturing business owners in Seoul and designers meet one-on-one; 43 teams developed trendy design products for five months.

- Seminar will be held from 14:00-17:00 on December 6 (Friday), 2019, to offer opportunities to meet designers and small business owners in person to discuss design issues. 

 Young designers’ design proposal to small business owners #2

- 43 teams of young designers in Seoul propose samples of design idea products to small business owners.

Small business owners who need fresh design products will have the chance to match with designers. 

 NOW! Design trend story #3

- NOW! Appreciate design trend goods at home and abroad. They represent excellent products small business owners and designers cooperated to develop successfully. 

 Excellent design products chosen by citizens #4

- Among collaboration products developed by 43 teams of small business owners and designers and sample goods suggested by 44 teams of young designers, feel free to select what you want to buy and what you believe are excellent products by voting from 10:00-17:00 on December 5 (Thursday), 2019. If you take part in the voting, you can have the chance to receive products on display as gifts. (Selection by event vote)  

 Awards ceremony for DDP Design Fair Gold Prize #5

- This year’s best DDP Design Fair award “DDP Design Fair Gold Prize” will be given to the four best teams chosen by citizens (two teams of small business owners and designers / two teams of young designers) from 17:00-19:00 on December 6 (Friday), 2019. There will be opportunities to engage in discussions with designers and small business owners freely after the awards ceremony. 


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