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[SDF] “Keith Haring, Art is Life. Life is Art”
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“Keith Haring, Art is Life. Life is Art”


 - November 24, 2018 (Sat) - March 17, 2019 (Sun)

Exhibition at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) B2 Design Exhibition Hall

 - Over 10 years of short but passionate art work in the 1980s, Keith Haring shared his dream of“art for everyone,” along with world peace and the abolition of racial discrimination.

Discover the artist’s true character through this large-scale exhibition in Seoul!


□ Seoul Design Foundation (President Choi Kyung-ran) announced that the exhibition “Keith Haring: Art is Life. Life is Art” will be held in the B2 Design Exhibition Hall at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) from November 24, 2018 (Sat) to March 17, 2019 (Sun).

  ○ This exhibition, jointly hosted by Seoul Design Foundation and GNC Media, was designed by Keith Haring Foundation and Nakamura Keith Haring Collection to commemorate the 60th year of Keith Haring’s birth. It selected 175 major works owned by Keith Haring Collection and classified them into eight sections. 


□ These eight sections are titled “The Beginning,” “Story Telling,” “Transcend,” “Message and Music,” “Symbols and Icons,” “Uncovering the Dystopia,” “Primeval Energy,” and “The end of the beginning.”

  ○ Keith Haring’s major works include the Icons series and his first large works to be introduced in S. Korea such as People, Pyramid and Blue Printing. Sculptures and photographs will also feature in the exhibition. Visitors will also be able to find familiar works through which the artist transformed his cartoonic imagination into his own signature artworks, including Radiant Baby and Barking Dog. Pyramid, which is not widely known to the public, and Blue Printing, the final edition of the silk screen portfolio released a month before his death, will make this Seoul exhibition all the more special.


□ The content composition of this exhibition offers a glimpse of the temporal flow and the various works that existed from the beginning of the artist’s working life to the end, woven like warp and weft, three-dimensionally building Keith Haring’s life and world of artworks.

 ○ The exhibition follows the trace of the artist from his early days until his death. Visitors will be able to see at the beginning of the exhibition how Keith Haring, who began to receive public attention by “subway drawing,” made various artistic attempts to create for not only the art lovers, but also the public, and spoke about various worldwide and societal issues through music albums and poster art. Other works include signature artworks such as Radiant Baby and Barking Dog, as well as the Apocalypse series that he produced in the year he was diagnosed with AIDS. Under the theme “The Primitive Energy,” visitors are able to step further into the Haring’s world and understand his art world, where he shouted out for hope in the last years of his life, as they walk out of the exhibition hall. The popshop that portrays his beliefs concerning the fact that art is for everyone is another interesting element of this exhibition.


□ You will learn through this exhibition that Keith Haring who is well known as a pop artist has a wider and more profound art world. He dreamed of world peace through his works, loved children, and spoke up about art for everyone. The artistic greatness of Keith Haring is in that he awakens a universal love through his art with birth, death and life. This is probably the most beautiful message that Keith Haring shared with us; an artist who was the incarnation of “Art is life. Life is Art.”


□ At the press conference held on Friday 23, Kazuo Nakamura, the founder of Nakamura Keith Haring Collection, explained the process of  collection and Kaoru Yanase, the general curator of the exhibition, share insights about the world of Keith Haring’s artworks. 


□ “It is very meaningful to have a large exhibition like this ‘Keith Haring Exhibition’ at DDP. We will continuously put in our best efforts to enrich our citizens’ lifestyles and help them enjoy culture and art,” said Cho Kyung-ran, the President of Seoul Design Foundation.

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