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[SDF] Seoul Design Foundation’s “Seoul’s 10Soul” to open pop-up store at Galeries Lafayette
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Seoul Design Foundation’s “Seoul’s 10Soul” to open pop-up store at Galeries Lafayette


- Seoul’s 10Soul to operate a pop-up store from February 25 through March 24 during Paris Fashion Week at Galeries Lafayette, a famous French department store.

- Opening event for Seoul’s 10Soul pop-up store held at Galeries Lafayette on February 27 during Paris Fashion Week, attracting global attention from fashion-forward consumers.

- Opening event was a great success, attended by famous personalities, local VIPs, and buyers.



The Seoul Design Foundation (SDF, CEO Choi Kyung-ran) announced the successful hosting of an opening event for a pop-up store of Seoul’s 10Soul, a brand made up of 10 Korean designers who have been globally recognized for their capabilities, at Galeries Lafayette, a famous department store in Paris. The pop-up store will be operated at Galeries Lafayette for approximately one month from February 25.


The constituent members of Seoul’s 10Soul were selected based on votes by buyers and fashion industry representatives who attended the 2018 F/W Seoul Fashion Week and 2019 S/S Seoul Fashion Week. The 10 constituent designers/brands are: Han Hyun-min (MÜNN), who won the Best Designer Award at the 2018 F/W Seoul Fashion Week; Jo Eun-hye (BOURIE); Park Hwan-sung (D-ANTIDOTE); Lee Han-chul (HAN CHUL LEE); Park Seung-gun (PUSH BUTTON); Yoon Choon-ho (YCH); Lee Moo-yeol and Kim Min-hee (YOUSER); Kim Bona and Lim Jae-hyuk (BESFXXK); Lee Jae-hyeong (MAXXIJ), and Lee Kyu-ho (MOHO).


Galeries Lafayette, the venue for the Seoul’s 10Soul pop-up store, is the most distinguished department store in Paris, with a 100-year history. It is also one of the most influential department stores in the Paris fashion community. The purpose of the pop-up stores is to promote the capabilities of Korea’s young designers to overseas media and the many fashion industry representatives and buyers who will be visiting Paris during Paris Fashion Week, one of the world’s four major Fashion Week events. The pop-up store will be located in a part of Galeries Lafayette that has the most foot traffic and is the most open to customers. There will also be a special window display for Seoul’s 10Soul on the first floor of the department store to promote Korean fashion to overseas consumers.


The opening party was held at 5 p.m. (Paris time) on February 27. The party, which lasted for approximately two hours, was a great success and was attended by 200 people, including international fashion critic/blogger Diane Pernet and representatives and buyers from fashion communities in Paris and other countries.


Creative Director Alix Morabito of Galeries Lafayette said, “We are delighted to host the pop-up store of Seoul’s 10Soul from Seoul Fashion Week to help introduce K-fashion to the world. The overwhelming reaction to the opening of the pop-up store has far exceeded our expectations. We believe that the store will gain a great deal of attention from Galeries Lafayette customers thanks to the creativity and originality of Korean designers.” Morabito also expressed her high expectations for contemporary Korean fashion in Paris. Piet Paris, a fashion illustrator for Harper’s Bazaar, said, “The pop-up store showed me the diversity and refreshing spirit of Korean fashion. I now have high expectations for the future of Korean fashion.”


What was especially notable about the pop-up store is that Galeries Lafayette pre-purchased all of the products that were to be sold at the pop-up store by the 10 Korean designers. The department store also offered a great deal of assistance in relation to not only the pop-up store’s interior design but also the planning for the window display, thereby proactively promoting both Seoul Fashion Week and Seoul’s 10Soul.


Seoul’s 10Soul has been operated by Seoul Design Foundation since 2010. It is part of the foundation’s global fashion brand cultivation project, which aims to help next-generation Korean fashion designers to expand their brands globally and provide opportunities to pioneer overseas sales routes. Seoul’s 10Soul is comprised of 10 designers who have participated in Seoul Fashion Week and are recognized for their global competitiveness. It helps foster internationally renowned designers by conducting projects related to famous overseas select shops and department store pop-up stores.


Seoul’s 10Soul pop-up store project has been held successfully multiple times through collaborations with L’eclaireur (Paris) and Excelsior (Milan) in 2016, I.T (Hong Kong) and Selfridges (London) in 2017, and Andreas Murkudis (Berlin) and Opening Ceremony (New York) in 2018.

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