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Introduction of Dongdaemun Design Plaza & Park(DDP)

디자인·창조산업의 발신지, DDP
Origin of communication of Design·Creation Inustry, DDP DDP is the biggest three dimensional atypical building in the world as the world's first ‘Origin of Communication of Design·Creation Industry ’ and ‘Forward Base of Creation Industry’ to drive the future growth of Seoul. It was designed by Zaha Hadid, the world's architect and consists of five facilities for announcement of new product and exhibition, public performance, business, shopping and relaxation. DDP presents all the people with more rich life and creative inspiration by useful contents and efficient management.

Vision “Communication of Design·Creation Industry”
DDP will become to be multiplex cultural space communicating design·creation industry by exchanging and cooperating with citizens, world's citizens and experts.

Mission “Design making and enjoying with citizens” - Design with People
DDP has been made together into communication center of creation industry, study center of future talented people and open space for working by pursuing new thought, various talents and more advanced life.
동대문디자인공원 사업 개요
The completion
of DDP
November in 2013
The grand
opening of DDP
March in 2014
Scale 86,574 ㎡
Management Managing 5 facilities and 15 spaces
-Art Hall(open studio, banquet hall, grand conference room), Design Museum(Design museum, Planning exhibition space, imagination experience space, Design Dulegil(seeing path)), Business center(Trendlab, bizstreet, education space, designer's rounge) and Park(Event hall, Design gallery, Dongdaemun History Hall, Dongdaemun stadium memmorial hall) have been orgarnically connected and managed.
-Managing various programs for 24 hours suitable for Dongdaemun life cycle
-Divided in history assets, space assets and creation assets and made 60 spaces in DDP into tourism landmark.

2006. 08

Setting up the plan of making Dongdaemun stadium into park and building replaced baseball stadium


Selecting citizen idea of Dongdaemun stadium area by public contest

2007. 08

Selecting the winning prize work by international nominated invitation
(‘Metonymic Landscape’ designed by Zaha Hadid)


Setting the plan of building world design plaza and management basis plan

2009. 04

Commencement of DDP contruction and
open of advertizing hall
Work of excavation and restoration of cultural assets


Open of Dongdaemun history and culture park

2010. 09

Setting up DDP operation plan

2012. 01~07

Gathering opinions of citizen, commercial rights
and expert


Setting up DDP master plan


Reviewing DDP operation preparation
setting up complemental plan

2013. 11

Completion of DDP construction

2014. 03

Openning DDP on 21 March, 2014


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